Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(SERIOUSLY good) Spicy "Smoothie"

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt the need for some extra TLC.  From time to time, I realize that even though I've been eating well and exercising regularly, I just need to get away from my routine and amp things up a bit.  Sometimes I do it when I've been eating some less-than-healthy foods, when I've been traveling and missing the benefit of my own cooking, but other times I find it helpful when I realize that I've been spreading myself too thin for the sake of accommodating others (whether they ask for it or not), and I just need to reconnect with the importance of really nurturing ME (it's funny how the way we feed ourselves affects our mental/emotional well-being, and vice-versa).  One of my favorite ways to do this in the summer is to go RAW for a few meals.

I started off my day with a breakfast of two huge carrots, cut into sticks, a sizable juicy apple and about 1/4 cup of raw cashews (all organic), and about 20 oz of water before heading out for my hot yoga class.  I walked the 1 1/4 mile to the studio (the outdoors were HOT, too), getting a great pre-workout workout toting all of my stuff.

After class, it's so important to refuel within the first 15 minutes of a workout (when muscles are most receptive to glucose, benefitting your NEXT workout), so I had my usual post-workout go-to:  a Lara Bar (it's quick, it's portable, it's raw AND it's vegan).

When I got home I knew I needed a little more nourishment before my shower (my stand-by is a smoothie), but was not in the mood for anything sweet, so I decided to make a savory smoothie instead (see recipe below).

Lunch was a HUGE salad with LOTS of veggies (including my favorite:  avocado!), and dinner consisted of several "sandwiches" made with tasty veggies stuffed into some large romaine lettuce leaves with a side of cooked food:  spicy black beans, which my daughter Sarah had made and smelled too irresistible to pass up (she's only living with me for one more week and her cooking is always so good, I've got to indulge in it every chance I get)!

By bedtime, I didn't feel hungry or deprived from my day of (mostly) raw foods, instead, I felt light and satisfied; nurtured and cared for.  I HIGHLY recommend giving yourself a similar "day of care" in what ever way feels nurturing to you!

This is basically a gazpacho, which may help its appeal, since the idea of drinking a bunch of blended up vegetables does not strike many as initially attractive:

1 small handful of raw spinach leaves
1/2 large cucumber, seeded and diced
1 large tomato
1 stalk of celery (with leaves if possible), sliced
1 clove garlic (minced)
1 Tablespoon minced onion (I used a hot purple one)
1 Tablespoon fresh jalapeno, seeded & diced
1 lime, peel removed
1/4 cup of water (use more or less, depending on desired consistency)
Salt to taste
(fresh cilantro would have been perfect, but I didn't have any)

Put everything in blender and puree.  Drink immediately, or chill.

Makes one large or two small servings, or serve in ramekins or other small bowl as a cold soup.


  1. I made this smoothie today! It was great. I made a doubled batch and sipped on it throughout the day. Thanks for the great idea - a nice alternative to the sweet / fruity green smoothie. I had a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers from my CSA to use up, so this fit the bill nicely.